quick installation without tools

VSH Tectite is a high-quality package of copper, stainless steel and brass push fittings, valves and accessories which are suitable for drinking water, heating, cooling and compressed air installations.

The system offers a solution in places where it is difficult to work with tools, such as meter boxes, shafts, pipe ducts or above suspended ceilings.

With this system, pipes can be connected to each other much faster than traditional fittings, by simply sliding the fitting onto the deburred pipe. Assembly tools are unnecessary and with a handy disassembly ring or fork the fittings can be disassembled and reused.

After mounting, the push fitting can be permanently rotated in the pipe, making it possible to easily align a pipe at branches and bends. This makes VSH Tectite ideal in combination with pre-fabricated assemblies and sections of pipework . Due to the sleek and slim appearance of the fitting, it can remain visible where necessary and can be easily insulated.

unprecedented possibilities

The complete piping system is ideal for the most diverse situations, such as maintenance and renovation of existing systems, but also for the construction of complete installations in new construction and large-scale projects in utility.

Inner edges are minimal, giving the fittings very low flow resistance and no additional noise during use. This makes Tectite ideal for heating and cooling systems, among other things.

The fitting also bears the Kiwa, WRAS  and kitemark approvals, which means that it meets all standards for open and closed water and drinking water systems. The material is resistant to corrosion, even when exposed to water containing glycol, demineralized water or distilled water.

plug in and you're done

  • perfect mounting in small and hard-to-reach spaces
  • quick assembly without the use of tools
  • installation completely stress-free: pipes can be re-aligned
  • complete piping system in copper, stainless steel and brass
  • fittings and appendages from 10 to 54 mm
  • available both demountable and non-dismountable
  • ideal to combine with other systems


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technical properties

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brass, DZR brass, copper and stainless steel
10 – 54mm
temperature range
-24°C to +114°C
max. operating pressure
20 bar