One of the major advantages of Kuterlite compression fittings is that the installer joins the tube by mechanical means. This heat-free system means no hot works permits are required, and joints can be made where it would otherwise be dangerous to use a naked flame.

Kuterlite joints can be taken apart and remade without adversely affecting their performance.

Joints can be made on wet pipework, making them ideal for use in maintenance and repair applications where the complete draining of pipework is difficult. Manufactured from duplex brass, dezincification resistant alloy (DZR) or gunmetal, the Kuterlite range offers choice and versatility.

ease of use

Kuterlite is a quick, easy to use heat free system, and excellent for repairs,
and in applications where ongoing maintenance is envisaged


K600 & K900-PRO fittings are compatible with copper tube,
carbon and stainless steel tubes and PEX pipe.

breadth of range

The mechanical nature of Kuterlite’s joints is well proven technology that is extremely robust and resilient.

technical properties

* Please see each technical specification for each product 

dimensions 15 – 54mm DN15 – DN54
flow range
temperature range