compressed air

Aalberts integrated piping systems offers many systems that are suitable for compressed air installations: VSH XPress, VSH SudoPress and VSH PowerPress (for thick-walled pipes) are extremely suitable and VSH Super compression fittings and VSH Tectite push fittings can be used very flexibly. Valves with integrated system connections connect seamlessly to your chosen piping system.

VSH MultiPress pipe is available on a roll, which makes VSH MultiPress very suitable for installing compressed air systems. The flexible pipes of this plastic piping system ensure optimum installation at minimum cost.

The VSH Shurjoint groove system can be used for oil-containing or oil-free compressed air systems. Depending on the application, we offer both EPDM and nitrile seals.

Different types of O-rings are used depending on the oil content. For compressed air containing mineral or vegetable oil based oil, use HNBR or FPM o-rings. EPDM o-rings can only be used for synthetic oil or dry compressed air. The water content determines the choice for steel, stainless steel or copper pipe.

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