Pegler Bulldog

Plumber’s Pick: The Pegler Bulldog TRV

The Pegler Bulldog TRV is a popular thermostatic radiator valve that provides accurate temperature control and energy savings.

The Pegler Bulldog has a robust design and easy installation, it is a reliable choice for residential properties. The Bulldog TRV features a simple, user-friendly design that allows for precise temperature adjustments, while its automatic frost protection function ensures that pipes do not freeze during colder months. Additionally, the valve’s bi-directional flow ensures that it can be installed in either direction, making it a versatile solution for any heating system. 

Overall, the Pegler Bulldog TRV is a top-of-the-line choice for those looking to improve their heating efficiency and save on energy costs.

slim systeem

UK reliability

  • Made in UK by a trusted brand
  • British design, quality and value
  • Local supply, minimising carbon output
  • Tried and trusted

technical properties

* Please see each technical specification for each product 

materials brass
seal double o-ring
dimensions 15/10/8 mm
temperature range 0°C to 28°C
max. operating pressure 10 bar


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