potable water

Aalberts integrated piping systems offers various piping systems and many appendages that meet all standards for open and closed water and drinking water systems. With our VSH Tectite push couplings offer extreme ease of use and enormous flexibility and VSH XPress offers all the benefits of a heat-free, press-fit system, saving time and money with every joint.

All copper and stainless steel system components are suitable for areas where water quality and hygiene are crucial. These products are also highly corrosion-resistant, even when exposed to water/glycol mixtures, demineralized or distilled water.

In addition to fittings and pipes, our systems also contain appendages such as shut-off valves, check valves and aerators, which in many cases have integrated system connections, so that they connect seamlessly to your chosen piping system.

The impressive number of national and international drinking water approvals underlines the high quality of our products and systems, making them suitable for various markets in the world.

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