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VSH Tectite is a world class push fit system incorporating pipe fittings, valves and controls delivering cost savings as a result of its speed of installation and a combination of push fit jointed technology across a range of materials – copper and PEX. The ultimate performer..

VSH Tectite Push Fittings

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why would I use metal push fittings instead of plastic push fittings?

  1. unlike plastic fittings, metal push fittings are completely rodent resistant.
  2. metal push fittings have a much sleeker and slimmer appearance than plastic fittings
  3. if you really want a sustainable and recyclable product, use metal push fittings instead of plastic.

I already use metal push fittings from another brand, why would I switch to VSH Tecite?

  1. we also offer a demountable product range
  2. we offer a 25 year guarantee on our VSH Tectite products

I have never used push fittings before, what are the advantages of using push fittings?

  1. it is great for renovation of exsisting systems 
  2. flame free connection
  3. can be combined with other systems
  4. easier for tighter/smaller spaces
  5. faster installation (no equipment needed)

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