Within our range we have a wide range of solutions for sprinkler installations. Whether it concerns press fittings (for thick and thin-walled steel or plastic pipes) or groove couplings, all products carry the necessary product approvals for use in sprinkler installations ranging from VdS, FM, LPCB to UL.

Our VSH XPress Steel galvanized and stainless steel system (DN20-DN100) is certified for sprinkler and low pressure water mist installations and is suitable for fixed sprinkler installations for sizes up to DN100. Because VSH XPress Sprinkler is approved as a system, it is mandatory to use the approved combinations of fittings, pipes and tools.

VSH XPress Sprinkler ML (DN25-DN50) is ideal for high-rise buildings where the sprinkler pipes have to be embedded in the floors/ceilings and consists of multilayer plastic pipe (PE-Xc/Al/PE-Xc) and plastic press fittings (PVDF). Unique to this system is that it can be poured into concrete, without additional protection (eg Denso tape) against the negative effects of concrete on the pipe material and the fittings.

If you are looking for a solution for sprinklers in larger dimensions (>DN50), then we have the ideal solution in our range with the grooved couplings from VSH Shurjoint. With VSH Shurjoint you can realise your sprinkler installations in a quick and clean way, just like with press fittings. And by choosing a combination of VSH Shurjoint for the larger sizes or VSH PowerPress (DN15-DN50) or VSH XPress for the smaller sizes, you always get the lowest total cost of installation.

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