Endex is a very cost effective system, with fittings available up to the largest super size requirement (159mm) within the Endbrazed range.

Endex end feed fittings are a simple and cost-effective method of jointing copper tubes to BS EN 1057. 

Light and neat, they make handling and installation easy. The fittings’ compact dimensions make them the ideal choice for use in areas where there is limited space. Additionally, their
smooth lines minimise flow restrictions and are unobtrusive on exposed pipelines.

The Endex joint is created through the process of capillary action. When the fitting and tube are assembled and heated to the correct temperature, solder applied to the mouth of the fitting becomes molten. Capillary attraction ensures the solder is drawn into the gap between tube and fitting, forming a sturdy and reliable joint. Users of Endex fittings can be confident

that they are purchasing an established product with a proven reputation for reliability and quality.

specialist environments

Endex is perfect for specialist environments such as hospitals.

compact neat joints

In the hands of a skilled installer Endex fitting can give very neat and tidy installations.


Endex is endlessly versatile, covering all aspects of gas and heating systems in domestic and light commercial applications.

technical properties

* Please see each technical specification for each product 

sizes 6 – 54mm
materials copper, gunmetal or other DZR alloy with nuts supplied in duplex brass
approvals WRAS
guarantee 25 years
manufactured BS EN 1057