Pegler Terrier

Pegler Terrier has been delivering on quality and cost efficiency for over 70 years.

Evolution of Pegler Terrier technology is very much part of our manufacturing scene, where breakthroughs like reverse flow technology and 

programmable radiator controls were first introduced. And, through our team of highly skilled experts the brand is continually evolving and setting new standards.


A reliable TRV is key to ensuring a system is enhanced and savings made, so by choosing one that carries industry standards such as Kitemark and EN215 you are guaranteed a quality product. The Pegler Terrier TRV range not only carries these exacting standards but also benefits from an A rating in the European TELL classification giving both the installer and
customer peace of mind in terms of performance, reliability and cost savings.

‘a’ rating 

High accuracy within temperature settings leading to high efficiency allowing savings to be made in fuel consumption and reduction in associated costs. Ideal for consumers and housing stock where ineffective controls are in use.


UK heating is within the Pegler Terrier fabric, our development and manufacturing strives to deliver quality that will last and lead technology, such as Programmable,
Bi-directional flow and maintenance solutions.


The Pegler Terrier range of Radiator controls exceeds all European approvals and performance standards, meeting Part L of Building Regulations and provide opportunity within Product Character database enabling SAP.


Quality UK manufacture eradicates maintenance concerns. A full comprehensive range of configurations for radiators in any location which are easy to install and offer silent operation.

clear markings 

Pegler Terrier TRV includes clear control markings with a user friendly colour coded strip which  easily identifies high, low and economical settings. Plus, a mechanism to aid visually impaired further enhancing the interaction.


We are calculating and disclosing the embodied carbon of all our products to help you make more informed decisions. 

Download the embodied carbon declaration below to learn more.

technical properties

* Please see each technical specification for each product 

materials forge brass
seal double o-ring
dimensions 15/10/8 mm
temperature range 0°C to 28°C
max. operating pressure 10 bar