Pegler Terrier TRV

UK's market leading thermostatic radiator valves

purchase a Pegler Terrier thermostatic radiator valve and save up to 40% in energy costs

why do I need a Pegler Terrier thermostatic radiator valve?

 It’s a self-regulating valve that controls the temperature of an individual room by changing the flow of hot water to the radiator.

 it has the potential to save energy and cut down prices on energy bills up to 40%. 

 you are making your central heating system more eco- friendly

what is my return on investment?

in 15 years time you save £3,037 when using thermostatic radiator valves

a typical gas boiler will use around 18% less energy over an average UK heating season when TRVs’ are used. Although you can save up to 40% when using them as efficiently as possible!

The average annual gas consumption in UK homes is 13,600 kWh4, of which 77% is for heating. At a gas cost of 4p per kWh, reducing heating costs by 18% is calculated to save £69 per year, which, over the 15-year expected lifetime of a new boiler, will lead to a total saving of £1,034. Since these calculations were made, gas bills have risen significantly, and it is predicted that these will rise again in October 2022. If these expected higher prices remain, then the annual savings would rise to £202, with a saving of £3,037 over the lifetime of the boiler. read source

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