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“Aalberts integrated piping systems is continually developing its Pegler range of valve solutions and innovating new products to keep specifiers, building managers, and contractors at the forefront of their profession while increasing efficiencies and performance of our buildings,” said Sindar Singh, Director of Product Line Valve Technology at Aalberts integrated piping systems UK. “After speaking with contractors, water companies, and building managers, the new ResiFlow valve range has been designed specifically to address each of their individual needs to support a more efficient and low maintenance hot and cold potable water application.

The new Pegler ResiFlow valve range is an integrated valve arrangement that converges isolation, drain pressure reduction, and an “adapter free” direct connection for a Class D concentric water meter. The Pegler ResiFlow also has simple access to a check valve and unique streamline insulation that allows flexibility on installation and removal even with the water meter installed.

In addition, the valve range is designed to overcome challenges often found with these types of valves, namely, flow limitation. This valve boasts a larger entry orifice to allow for an increased flow and a pre-set ‘anti-creep’ pressure reducing valve, ensuring continued settings for residents.

The Pegler ResiFlow range consists of two models; firstly, the Pegler ResiFlow RES1 valve comprises many additional benefits such as; a built-in accessible Check Valve, providing easier maintenance, two pressure gauges, either side of the Pressure Reducing valve offering instant and more precise indication for primary and secondary pressure readings. Simplifying the offer further, Pegler ResiFlow has been designed to connect directly to a class D water meter connection, therefore, negating the need (and cost) for an adapter; in addition, a dedicated label on the handle has been provided to identify property/unit number, making maintenance straightforward and efficient. For installation practicality, the length has also been designed to 311mm.

Secondly, the Pegler ResiFlow RES2 version comes complete with all the benefits mentioned previously and then augmented with a secondary ball valve with an integrated drain outlet, saving the need for additional valves built further on in the system. This gives complete flexibility for isolation, a treatment fill point for the individual property, and, therefore, increases the opportunity for greater hygiene.

Furthermore, the Pegler ResiFlow RES2 version provides the ultimate flexibility when it comes to maintenance. The central unit can be removed for any routine inspection or maintenance and provides easy access and serviceability to the check valve as required by Water Regulations in accordance with BS EN 806; The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

In addition, consideration has been given to the design of the insulation across the entire range. Often an afterthought in some similar types of valves. The Pegler ResiFlow comes complete with a streamlined EPP recyclable moulded insulation cover which not only looks good but has practical use for maintenance as it can be removed even with the meter connected.

More information about the entire range of Pegler Valves can be found here

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