VSH XPress Copper

VSH XPress - the complete M-profile piping system

more about VSH XPress

  • VSH XPress is a complete M-profile piping system that is suitable for every conceivable application.

    From drinking water, gas, heating and solar installations to sprinkler systems. The range consists of M-profile press fittings, valves, tools and accessories, and is available in the materials galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper. With a complete range of dimensions (from 12 to 108 mm, including the intermediate sizes 64 and 66.7 mm), VSH XPress  is easily applicable everywhere. 

  • smart system
    The press system is equipped with various controls, which minimises errors and guarantees quick installation. All couplings with spigot ends 12 to 54 mm are therefore provided with a clearly visible insertion depth marking.

    Thanks to our leak before press function, it is immediately apparent when fittings hasn’t
    been installed correctly. During a standard pressure test of a system the purposely
    geometric fitting allows water to flow through any un-pressed connections.

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