residential construction

house builders and developers

Our piping systems are ideal for house builders and developers. Thanks to the many possible applications, the systems are easy to apply in large and small-scale (residential) construction projects. Whether it is heating, cooling, drinking water, or gas systems, we always have a system at your disposal.

Speed, know-how, and efficiency are essential in construction. This is why our products can serve as a complete piping system or connect prefabricated installations together.

We offer compression, crimp, groove, and snap-in systems, including accessories, for thick and thin walled plastic and metal pipes. Systems can be seamlessly connected to each other, giving you a single point of contact, warranty for the entire system, and cost savings through an efficient installation.

The wide range of transition fittings allows for easy transition and connection. For example, a grooved/crimped transition fitting makes it easy to connect to VSH XPress or, for an easy push-fit installation, use VSH Tectite.

You can choose from the wide range of Aalberts integrated piping systems products depending on the environment, temperature, working pressure, certificates required, and the fluid being transported.

Aalberts integrated piping systems excels in any type of building.

local authority

Safe and comfortable environments are of key importance for Local Authorities, whilst managing quality of living and conditions.

Local Authorities seek high-quality, reliable, long-lasting, and reputable products such as the Pegler Terrier radiator valves, for both new build & refurb applications.

Our added value philosophy ensures that all products gives the confidence and reliability needed to minimise the huge costs Local Authorities face with call-outs and maintenance.

All our products come with technical support and a trusted warranty for extra peace of mind.

diy / retail

As we are well known and respected as one of the leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating, and engineering products, we make sure our products are easily available to our customers and trade professionals by working with plumbing and heating merchants across the UK.
We have an extensive product portfolio of comprehensive ranges that the merchants stock, such as Pegler Valve, VSH Tectite, VSH XPress, and Pegler ProFlow.

We work in close collaboration with merchants to make sure, as the customer, you can make informed choices on purchasing products that are right for the project.

We also ensure our products are at an excellent price for our customers while meeting our ethical standards.


For decades, Aalberts integrated piping systems has provided the industry with top quality, approved piping systems. Piping systems and accessories that meet the most stringent quality requirements.
Our piping systems are unmatched in terms of safety, reliability, durability, hygiene and speed of installation, which also makes them economical.

With VSH XPress, for example, installation is up to ten times faster than with welding. In addition, the installation process does not involve any open flames and company activities can continue as usual during assembly. Without welding, workplace safety is improved.

We offer a wide selection of piping systems suitable for various liquids and gases, at high temperatures. Our range includes many accessories, such as ball valves, butterfly valves and check valves, to complete the system.


Our expertise in both valve and connection technology means we offer some of the market’s top-rated integrated piping systems bringing together valves, fittings and pipes with an emphasis on delivering heat-free jointing.
Our fully integrated piping systems combine the best world-class elements of modern connection and valve technology, incorporating press, push, groove, compression, capillary, and threaded solutions for copper, steel, multi-layer, and PEX pipes. In addition, our highly acclaimed valve technology encompasses isolation, regulation, and pressure and temperature flow control to optimise building performance.

The seamless connectivity of these individual components results in a system that offers many benefits to installers.

Installers who select our products know they are of the highest quality which will deliver effective and reliable results.

The systems are underpinned by support from initial impartial expert advice through to free on-site and online training and product guarantees.

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