award-winning dynamic picv valve

Pegler, the UK leaders in valve technology, has scooped the prestigious Commercial HVAC Product of the Year Award from H&V News for its latest revolutionary dynamic valve.

The driving force behind the global Aalberts integrated piping systems division is the highly experienced Yorkshire-based team that has developed the Pegler Proflow PICV in response to industry challenges.

“The revolutionary Proflow PICV was designed to address common issues found on sites when installing commissioning valves, namely cartridge readjustment and restricted flow velocities; however, its overarching innovation is its status as an isolation and commissioning dynamic valve in one!” commented Sindar Singh, Director of Product Line Valves at Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems UK & ME (Pegler) . “ The key advantage through the innovation of the Pegler Proflow PICV is found in both the installation and commissioning phases – specifically time saved – which equates to 70% less time spent over traditional methods.”

The award-winning dynamic valve offers many more advantages; to assist with ensuring correct flushing velocities are achieved and to remove the risk of system debris, the cartridge in the Pegler Proflow PICV is delivered in a bypass state to ensure a full-bore flush can be completed without the risk of contamination of the cartridge.   Thanks to Its advanced design, there is no need to fully remove the cartridge. Therefore, eliminating any risk of flow rate mix up and with a setting memory in both isolation and bypass mode, the system effectively maintains its previous settings: minimising system fluctuations and increasing performance.

Furthermore, the valve allows the flushing of systems without the need for decommissioning. It has been proven, through rigorous testing, to deliver time-saving efficiencies of over a third and cost-saving efficiencies of over half when compared with competitors’ products. The tests showed that when compared with a traditional PICV, the Pegler Proflow PICV can save up to seven hours of labour, compare this to a typical installation of 60 valves, a saving of up to 396 man-hours can be realised.   Translated into monetary value, this equates to almost a £12,000 saving.

Sindar concluded: “We are honoured to receive such a coveted industry award, and delighted that our hard work in developing products to address key industry challenges is recognised by our peers and will be used to enhance installations and ongoing efficiencies within building HVAC systems.   I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the team who have worked tirelessly to bring to the market such a revolutionary new product.”

A statement from the judging panel said: “Judges were impressed with this very compact and innovative product which should save a lot of maintenance in most installations. They liked the use of the flush bypass, which will reduce any contamination in the installation.